Sunday, September 23, 2012

How Do You Know If A Woman Likes You?

She's thinking "I like him". That's how you know. Seriously, do you expect a woman to risk social anxiety and actually demonstrate through her physical actions that she likes you? No way man. Just be glad that she has the thought to begin with.

99.5% of women you run across on a daily basis have zero interest in you as a man, and obviously their actions are congruent with that as they show no visible interest in you. The other 0.5% is interested in you, but will also show the same lack of interest. This may seem strange but it's the way women are. They don't want to risk rejection and/or are too proud so they bury their interest so as to be virtually undetectable. Well, almost, to everyone but a small handful of men who can cross the barrier of the known physical senses. ESP baby! If you have that you can pick up on a woman's interest and never have to rely on anything "visible" to go by when gauging a woman's interest level.

If you don't have ESP then you're going to have to approach every single woman to get at the 0.5% that actually likes you. But take heart that out of every 200 approaches you will indeed encounter such a woman. This might sound crappy but look on the bright side, people will say you have lots of balls and look up to you as a result. Just make sure that when someone asks about your success rate you don't say 0.5%. Just say that with all the approaches you've been doing you haven't been keeping track, and that you're just having fun anyway (even if you're not).

Criticism Of Women

Guys who criticize women make me laugh. How dare anyone find fault in humanities perfect half. When you say the word "Woman" it's like saying "America". The word by itself is powerful, and represents greatness and superiority. The ideal behind it must be defended, and to do so means that dissenters must be ridiculed and made to appear foolish.

As a supreme White Knight I feel it is my duty to defend women no matter what they do. The simple fact that I am sexually attracted to women and want to have sex with them is reason enough to always come to their defense. But just in case some of you need additional good reasons here they are:

  • Guys who complain about women aren't real men. Real men get results and complaining about lack of results isn't manly.
  • There are tons of women everywhere, therefore getting women should be easy.
  • Grow some balls. No pain no gain. Do you think a woman is going to give you the time of day just because you said hello to her.

It doesn't matter what the "statistics" say, or how much real world experience you have. It's the die hard passion in your beliefs that counts.

Getting Laid Is Easy

It occurs to me that getting laid with attractive women is easy for pretty much all men. For a perfect man such as myself getting laid is easy because I say and do all the right things. I apply mind reading with preemptive behaviour to avoid obstacles, and I take responsibility for women's actions so that they never have to feel bad about doing with me what they want to do anyway. So based on this, my formula for success is simple.

But for the average guy who is far from perfect, how in the world is he able to easily get laid?

The answer: Money

An average guy can easily make money doing an average job. It doesn't have to be a special job. It just has to make money. Then what he can do is take some of that money and pay a prostitute to have sex with him. It's easy as pie.

So for the average guy the formula to get laid is simple:

  • Get a job
  • Make money
  • Pay a prostitute with some of that money and get laid

This is in fact so easy that I can't help but wonder if it's even worth it to try to be perfect at all. It's a scary thought!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Interested Or Just Teasing?

Last day at the club I observed something which occurs all the time. I saw girls dancing near guys but with their backs turned towards them, while avoiding eye contact with them. The guys moved away and then the girls went back near the guys and started dancing near them again, once more with their backs turned towards them, while avoiding eye contact. The guys then made a move and tried to chat them up. At this point the girls just blew them off and moved away, leaving the guys puzzled and scratching their heads.

What the heck is going on here? Well, here's the thing, just because a woman shows interest doesn't mean she actually should be interested. It's a woman's prerogative to do that. And it's your job as a man to just cope with it, and if you're like me (perfect) find a way to turn it to your advantage.

So what do you do? At first glance you might be thinking that women that do such things are immature and need to be put on the big fucking ignore list. More insightful people may conclude that the women are not taking responsibility for their actions, and in some cases maybe want you (the guy) to take responsibility for their actions. So should you do that? Should you take responsibility for a woman's actions? A resounding YES, you should. That's what makes you a worthy suitor. That's what makes you worthy in her eyes. That's what makes you a confident guy who goes after what he wants. You need to step up to the plate and work that particular girl even when she gives you NOTHING to work with, and/or you risk humiliation in the process.

If it was me I would wait for the 10-20 second window where she is receptive to me talking to her, in between the time she notices me and the time she decides she wants to tease me. Yes, this time window exists and if you time it right you can get your foot in the door. Look at it this way, why would she cock tease you and not the guy next to you. The reason is because she likes you, even just briefly, and wants to get closer to you in the only way she knows how, by behaving like a passive aggressive immature little girl.

Once you engage her in this time window, you can do the number game trick where you get her to think of a number from 1 to 100, which you will guess correctly (of course), and you go from there.

Women Checking Me Out While In A Moving Vehicle

Just the other day I had a woman drive by and stare at me. But since she was in a moving vehicle there was nothing I could do to capitalize on it. Even though I can read minds and do all these great things, I could not do anything under these particular circumstances. It would have been impractical and just too much effort, even for me. This woman was headed out of town. If she was going somewhere closer I could probably structure something where I "bump" into her, but this was not the case here.

This woman stared at me while obviously knowing that I could do nothing to follow up on it. And this has happened to me numerous times in the past. I also hear the same thing from other men, where women will stare/look at them in public places when the man has absolutely no chance to do anything about it, either because he didn't notice it (she did it behind his back), or because the circumstances don't allow the man to do anything about it (she is in a moving vehicle, for example). Some would call this female self-sabotage, but I just call it a creative way for women to challenge us men to develop the necessary skills to overcome this difficulty. This is evolution at work. Either adapt or die.

I think one way to overcome this difficulty is by being able to teleport to the location where the woman is eventually headed, and then with the remaining skills I have I could approach her and close the deal. I could also possibly use mental powers to cause the vehicle to break down forcing the woman to pull over, at which point I could assist her and use that as my way in. But I don't know if such mental powers are even possible, so I'll shelf this idea for now.

The Inherent Value Of Women

People often talk about how great women are and imply, either directly or indirectly, that women are better than men. But they don't say why. So what I'm going to do is break down the basic rationale people have for saying this.

Let's start with the following statement: Women are superior to men. To prove this let's say a woman accomplishes a certain something. If a man accomplishes the same thing he has less value for doing it. Therefore women are superior.

Makes sense right?

A man had better really stand out to get with an attractive woman (which there are many of), but even a true stand-out among men has less value than an attractive woman which is much more common than even the rarest most awesomest of men.

A woman can get away with doing much less than a man because she is superior. Therefore a man must be perfect to be on the same playing field.

A woman slaps on makeup and sexy clothes, and raises her womanly value considerably. Hence, she deserves a NATURALLY great man with tons of amazing traits. Only can such a man be worthy of the value of this woman, which has largely been enhanced by artificial means. Once again, this proves that women are superior.

You see, women have value BECAUSE they are women. They can give birth and are therefore creatures unlike no other (regardless of the fact that half of all species are female and are therefore capable of the same thing). Sure, men invent and build almost everything, but they do so largely to please women. Therefore women are superior.

Friday, September 21, 2012

At The Club

I was at a club last night and it's become old hat for me seeing what went on. You see the usual group of men standing around looking at the usual group of women dancing in a group, women who are completely standoffish to the average male club patron. Why oh why do the women do this, many guys wonder. Well gee, it's obvious. In that environment women react with hostility to a male presence. You really need to have something special going on to get with the women there. And the loud music certainly doesn't help either. It's actually hard to read anyone's thoughts with that loud music, which is why I always make sure I'm well rested before going to a club, and I avoid drinking alcohol there because it messes up my telepathic abilities.

I started off the night by reading the minds of all the girls in this one group and picking out the leader of the group that way; the leader being the girl whom the other girls follow like pigeons if she decides to do anything like call an emergency meeting in the washroom in order to pull her friends away from guys that she personally doesn't like. So once I picked out the leader the next challenge was to make minimal but amazing conversation given the loud music. You see, women will interpret any try hard behaviour in clubs as weak, even if all you're doing is trying to be heard. So avoid this. I told the group leader that I can guess any number she is thinking from 1 to 100. That got her into me. But I could sense her friends starting to get jealous and wanting to drag her away from me, so I had to engage the whole group, using the same number game. That got all their attention. I then had to switch topics because even though I clearly demonstrated ESP ability, these are club girls, and remember, club girls get bored very easily. So I had to stimulate them with something else. Fortunately, I have quite the bag of tricks. I started talking about things I did at my last party, which is very similar to what they did at their last party.

I was engaging the whole group doing almost all the talking, which is really the only way to engage whole groups of girls in clubs. I simply cannot count on them to reciprocate me in return. As the perfect man I can't afford to dwell on petty sentiments like give and take, and concepts of 50/50. I always need to do close to 100% otherwise I may as well just stay home and jerk off.

So I got the whole group of girls to like me and then I telepathically sniffed out which girl would want me to ask for her number, while having the approval of all her other friends. None of them made it obvious in ways that an average guy could pick up on, so I had to find out that information via a mental scan. If I were to get this wrong the girls would get irritated at me for being "clueless" and simply move on.

So it was a good night. I got the number of the girl who really wanted to give it to me (with her friends approval) and I'll call her up in a few days. And I'll know exactly how many days she wants me to wait before calling her. I had sniffed out that little tidbit while at the club.

Your Presence Is Creeping Her Out

I used to have this problem quite a bit. I would walk somewhere minding my own business and some woman would think I was stalking her for the simple reason that I was a man walking in the same direction as her. This is a sure fire killer of any chance you have with a woman, so it's your job as the perfect man to fix this situation if it ever occurs.

The first thing to do is avoid, if possible, this situation. Walk in such a way that you get to where you are going but avoid walking in trajectories that can cause any woman you have interest in to think you're a potential stalker or rapist. To do this you have to mentally map out the safe distance and directions with which to walk behind the women you fancy, and you have to come across as completely uninterested in them, at least in their mind. Even something as simple as brief eye contact can set off alarm bells, so avoid this. It helps if you have a phone you can pull out of your pocket with which to fiddle, as it communicates that your mind is occupied with something other than stalking.

Another way is to walk in front of her and into the places you know she will be. This will be a snap if you have mind reading ability since you can follow her without ever looking to see where she is going - you will know ahead of time. And how romantic is it for her to just happen to run into the man of her dreams who says all the right things and who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

It also helps to wear shoes that don't make much noise when walking. If your shoes make a dull tapping sound on a hard floor it can remind her of movies where the bad guy is walking behind his female victim in a dark part of town, making noisy steps as he creeps closer and closer. Avoid this! But at the same time you don't want to be totally silent as that will also scare her once she sees you because she never heard you coming. So wear running shoes or something that makes a bit of noise. Remember, learning how to not be creepy takes time and is something all men, in their quest for perfection, must strive for.

But even with the most perfect planning and trajectory selection you can still run into problems. Allow me to explain. I was recently at a bookstore and had mapped out my walking trajectory in such a way that I ended up in the section that this hottie wanted to go to. But since she was fearful of men she avoided that section even though I know that she was interested in it. So what I then did was time my checkout so that I was there just in front of her. I then pretended to accidentally drop a book I was going to buy - a book I knew she was interested in. I asked her if she ever read that book (I know she did), and she immediately lit up and started describing it. The conversation flowed easily from there and I invited her for a yogurt at the nearby food court (since I knew she went there a lot). But I had also mentioned that I knew the owner which I knew is a friend of hers, so that immediately made her more comfortable. And the rest is history.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Walking down the street, with the right shoes

Women love shoes and they judge a man based on his shoes. So you have to have the right shoes on. But what about the fact that different women have different shoe preferences? What do you do then? I personally use a backpack and carry around a sufficient number of different shoes that you can slip on depending on the woman you run across. The last thing you want is to be hitting it off with a woman and then have her glance down at your shoes, grimace, and then quickly excuse herself because she just remembered there's somewhere she needs to be.

So, I often carry a backpack around for this reason. Like yesterday for instance. I see this attractive woman in a blue dress browsing through the magazines in a bookstore. I do a mental sweep and I find out that she likes guys who wear grey sports shoes with a red stripe along the bottom. Anything else and she moves on to the next guy. Fortunately I was carrying grey sports shoes in my backpack, but they didn't have a red stripe. So I improvised. I got some red paint, the kind of paint that adheres well to shoes, and applied it to the shoes in a stripe shape along the bottom. I then located the same woman who was now in a different store, thanks to my telepathic abilities, and started up a conversation with her. It flowed smoothly from there. But you see, it wasn't enough just to click with her personality wise. I had to have the right shoes on otherwise things would have flopped and I never would have had a chance with this woman.

But I also understand if you just don't have access to the right shoes for a particular woman. In that case you have to find out under what circumstances she would accept the shoes that you are wearing and then synthesize those circumstances, either with the correct backstory or whatever. And if there are no such circumstances then have a fake cast for both feet which you can put on, and some crutches of course. And then in the conversation casually slip in that you miss those particular shoes that you can't wear until you get the cast off. Do this and you will have a good chance to get the girl.

At The Gym

Women at the gym where I go are very stone faced and indifferent to the men there, but occasionally I will spot (sense actually) a woman checking me out when I'm not looking. Now, you might think that with this inside knowledge all I have to do is walk up to the woman and seal the deal. Well, you would be wrong. Even though she is checking me out she will still be extremely opposed to meeting me, because 1) I'm a man in a public place, and 2) Her friends would disapprove of it. So what I have to do is tap her memories to see if there's any particular social situation she would feel comfortable meeting a man in and emulate that into my approach. And in addition I have to come across as someone her friends would like. This means I have to tap her thoughts to find out what her friends are like and the kind of people they hang out with and then incorporate that into my approach.

For example, let's say I tap her thoughts and I find out that she is only receptive to men who have tattoos on their left arm (the same as her first love). So what I have to do is get a tattoo on my left arm, which means I have to wait until the next time I see her at the gym. OR I have a (non-permanent) tattoo kit in my car which I can apply quickly in the space of a few minutes and then return to the gym while she's still there. In addition I may also incorporate some other things into my appearance which I know her friends would approve of, like a cool bracelet or whatever. This means having a trunk full of different stuff you can utilize for just these circumstances, on short notice.

The remainder of the things you have to do can be done on the spot, things which are personality related and which you can do once you scanned her mind.