Friday, September 21, 2012

At The Club

I was at a club last night and it's become old hat for me seeing what went on. You see the usual group of men standing around looking at the usual group of women dancing in a group, women who are completely standoffish to the average male club patron. Why oh why do the women do this, many guys wonder. Well gee, it's obvious. In that environment women react with hostility to a male presence. You really need to have something special going on to get with the women there. And the loud music certainly doesn't help either. It's actually hard to read anyone's thoughts with that loud music, which is why I always make sure I'm well rested before going to a club, and I avoid drinking alcohol there because it messes up my telepathic abilities.

I started off the night by reading the minds of all the girls in this one group and picking out the leader of the group that way; the leader being the girl whom the other girls follow like pigeons if she decides to do anything like call an emergency meeting in the washroom in order to pull her friends away from guys that she personally doesn't like. So once I picked out the leader the next challenge was to make minimal but amazing conversation given the loud music. You see, women will interpret any try hard behaviour in clubs as weak, even if all you're doing is trying to be heard. So avoid this. I told the group leader that I can guess any number she is thinking from 1 to 100. That got her into me. But I could sense her friends starting to get jealous and wanting to drag her away from me, so I had to engage the whole group, using the same number game. That got all their attention. I then had to switch topics because even though I clearly demonstrated ESP ability, these are club girls, and remember, club girls get bored very easily. So I had to stimulate them with something else. Fortunately, I have quite the bag of tricks. I started talking about things I did at my last party, which is very similar to what they did at their last party.

I was engaging the whole group doing almost all the talking, which is really the only way to engage whole groups of girls in clubs. I simply cannot count on them to reciprocate me in return. As the perfect man I can't afford to dwell on petty sentiments like give and take, and concepts of 50/50. I always need to do close to 100% otherwise I may as well just stay home and jerk off.

So I got the whole group of girls to like me and then I telepathically sniffed out which girl would want me to ask for her number, while having the approval of all her other friends. None of them made it obvious in ways that an average guy could pick up on, so I had to find out that information via a mental scan. If I were to get this wrong the girls would get irritated at me for being "clueless" and simply move on.

So it was a good night. I got the number of the girl who really wanted to give it to me (with her friends approval) and I'll call her up in a few days. And I'll know exactly how many days she wants me to wait before calling her. I had sniffed out that little tidbit while at the club.

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