Thursday, September 20, 2012

At The Gym

Women at the gym where I go are very stone faced and indifferent to the men there, but occasionally I will spot (sense actually) a woman checking me out when I'm not looking. Now, you might think that with this inside knowledge all I have to do is walk up to the woman and seal the deal. Well, you would be wrong. Even though she is checking me out she will still be extremely opposed to meeting me, because 1) I'm a man in a public place, and 2) Her friends would disapprove of it. So what I have to do is tap her memories to see if there's any particular social situation she would feel comfortable meeting a man in and emulate that into my approach. And in addition I have to come across as someone her friends would like. This means I have to tap her thoughts to find out what her friends are like and the kind of people they hang out with and then incorporate that into my approach.

For example, let's say I tap her thoughts and I find out that she is only receptive to men who have tattoos on their left arm (the same as her first love). So what I have to do is get a tattoo on my left arm, which means I have to wait until the next time I see her at the gym. OR I have a (non-permanent) tattoo kit in my car which I can apply quickly in the space of a few minutes and then return to the gym while she's still there. In addition I may also incorporate some other things into my appearance which I know her friends would approve of, like a cool bracelet or whatever. This means having a trunk full of different stuff you can utilize for just these circumstances, on short notice.

The remainder of the things you have to do can be done on the spot, things which are personality related and which you can do once you scanned her mind.

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