Sunday, September 23, 2012

Criticism Of Women

Guys who criticize women make me laugh. How dare anyone find fault in humanities perfect half. When you say the word "Woman" it's like saying "America". The word by itself is powerful, and represents greatness and superiority. The ideal behind it must be defended, and to do so means that dissenters must be ridiculed and made to appear foolish.

As a supreme White Knight I feel it is my duty to defend women no matter what they do. The simple fact that I am sexually attracted to women and want to have sex with them is reason enough to always come to their defense. But just in case some of you need additional good reasons here they are:

  • Guys who complain about women aren't real men. Real men get results and complaining about lack of results isn't manly.
  • There are tons of women everywhere, therefore getting women should be easy.
  • Grow some balls. No pain no gain. Do you think a woman is going to give you the time of day just because you said hello to her.

It doesn't matter what the "statistics" say, or how much real world experience you have. It's the die hard passion in your beliefs that counts.

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