Sunday, September 23, 2012

How Do You Know If A Woman Likes You?

She's thinking "I like him". That's how you know. Seriously, do you expect a woman to risk social anxiety and actually demonstrate through her physical actions that she likes you? No way man. Just be glad that she has the thought to begin with.

99.5% of women you run across on a daily basis have zero interest in you as a man, and obviously their actions are congruent with that as they show no visible interest in you. The other 0.5% is interested in you, but will also show the same lack of interest. This may seem strange but it's the way women are. They don't want to risk rejection and/or are too proud so they bury their interest so as to be virtually undetectable. Well, almost, to everyone but a small handful of men who can cross the barrier of the known physical senses. ESP baby! If you have that you can pick up on a woman's interest and never have to rely on anything "visible" to go by when gauging a woman's interest level.

If you don't have ESP then you're going to have to approach every single woman to get at the 0.5% that actually likes you. But take heart that out of every 200 approaches you will indeed encounter such a woman. This might sound crappy but look on the bright side, people will say you have lots of balls and look up to you as a result. Just make sure that when someone asks about your success rate you don't say 0.5%. Just say that with all the approaches you've been doing you haven't been keeping track, and that you're just having fun anyway (even if you're not).

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