Thursday, September 20, 2012

Walking down the street, with the right shoes

Women love shoes and they judge a man based on his shoes. So you have to have the right shoes on. But what about the fact that different women have different shoe preferences? What do you do then? I personally use a backpack and carry around a sufficient number of different shoes that you can slip on depending on the woman you run across. The last thing you want is to be hitting it off with a woman and then have her glance down at your shoes, grimace, and then quickly excuse herself because she just remembered there's somewhere she needs to be.

So, I often carry a backpack around for this reason. Like yesterday for instance. I see this attractive woman in a blue dress browsing through the magazines in a bookstore. I do a mental sweep and I find out that she likes guys who wear grey sports shoes with a red stripe along the bottom. Anything else and she moves on to the next guy. Fortunately I was carrying grey sports shoes in my backpack, but they didn't have a red stripe. So I improvised. I got some red paint, the kind of paint that adheres well to shoes, and applied it to the shoes in a stripe shape along the bottom. I then located the same woman who was now in a different store, thanks to my telepathic abilities, and started up a conversation with her. It flowed smoothly from there. But you see, it wasn't enough just to click with her personality wise. I had to have the right shoes on otherwise things would have flopped and I never would have had a chance with this woman.

But I also understand if you just don't have access to the right shoes for a particular woman. In that case you have to find out under what circumstances she would accept the shoes that you are wearing and then synthesize those circumstances, either with the correct backstory or whatever. And if there are no such circumstances then have a fake cast for both feet which you can put on, and some crutches of course. And then in the conversation casually slip in that you miss those particular shoes that you can't wear until you get the cast off. Do this and you will have a good chance to get the girl.

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Vallin Sfas said... are the TOTAL Mack Daddy PUMaster Dude. Like totally! You gotta' make an instruction video/DVD!!!