Saturday, September 22, 2012

Women Checking Me Out While In A Moving Vehicle

Just the other day I had a woman drive by and stare at me. But since she was in a moving vehicle there was nothing I could do to capitalize on it. Even though I can read minds and do all these great things, I could not do anything under these particular circumstances. It would have been impractical and just too much effort, even for me. This woman was headed out of town. If she was going somewhere closer I could probably structure something where I "bump" into her, but this was not the case here.

This woman stared at me while obviously knowing that I could do nothing to follow up on it. And this has happened to me numerous times in the past. I also hear the same thing from other men, where women will stare/look at them in public places when the man has absolutely no chance to do anything about it, either because he didn't notice it (she did it behind his back), or because the circumstances don't allow the man to do anything about it (she is in a moving vehicle, for example). Some would call this female self-sabotage, but I just call it a creative way for women to challenge us men to develop the necessary skills to overcome this difficulty. This is evolution at work. Either adapt or die.

I think one way to overcome this difficulty is by being able to teleport to the location where the woman is eventually headed, and then with the remaining skills I have I could approach her and close the deal. I could also possibly use mental powers to cause the vehicle to break down forcing the woman to pull over, at which point I could assist her and use that as my way in. But I don't know if such mental powers are even possible, so I'll shelf this idea for now.

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