Friday, September 21, 2012

Your Presence Is Creeping Her Out

I used to have this problem quite a bit. I would walk somewhere minding my own business and some woman would think I was stalking her for the simple reason that I was a man walking in the same direction as her. This is a sure fire killer of any chance you have with a woman, so it's your job as the perfect man to fix this situation if it ever occurs.

The first thing to do is avoid, if possible, this situation. Walk in such a way that you get to where you are going but avoid walking in trajectories that can cause any woman you have interest in to think you're a potential stalker or rapist. To do this you have to mentally map out the safe distance and directions with which to walk behind the women you fancy, and you have to come across as completely uninterested in them, at least in their mind. Even something as simple as brief eye contact can set off alarm bells, so avoid this. It helps if you have a phone you can pull out of your pocket with which to fiddle, as it communicates that your mind is occupied with something other than stalking.

Another way is to walk in front of her and into the places you know she will be. This will be a snap if you have mind reading ability since you can follow her without ever looking to see where she is going - you will know ahead of time. And how romantic is it for her to just happen to run into the man of her dreams who says all the right things and who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

It also helps to wear shoes that don't make much noise when walking. If your shoes make a dull tapping sound on a hard floor it can remind her of movies where the bad guy is walking behind his female victim in a dark part of town, making noisy steps as he creeps closer and closer. Avoid this! But at the same time you don't want to be totally silent as that will also scare her once she sees you because she never heard you coming. So wear running shoes or something that makes a bit of noise. Remember, learning how to not be creepy takes time and is something all men, in their quest for perfection, must strive for.

But even with the most perfect planning and trajectory selection you can still run into problems. Allow me to explain. I was recently at a bookstore and had mapped out my walking trajectory in such a way that I ended up in the section that this hottie wanted to go to. But since she was fearful of men she avoided that section even though I know that she was interested in it. So what I then did was time my checkout so that I was there just in front of her. I then pretended to accidentally drop a book I was going to buy - a book I knew she was interested in. I asked her if she ever read that book (I know she did), and she immediately lit up and started describing it. The conversation flowed easily from there and I invited her for a yogurt at the nearby food court (since I knew she went there a lot). But I had also mentioned that I knew the owner which I knew is a friend of hers, so that immediately made her more comfortable. And the rest is history.

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