Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't Boycott The Online Personals

There's a growing number of men who are trying to convince other men to stop using the online personals because, they claim, very few women end up meeting anyone and all the messages they receive just feeds their ego.

No argument there.

However, as a white knight I must insist that men continue to use the online personals and send countless messages to women because I think it's important that women feel desirable. The online personals is a great way to help keep the self-esteem of the fairer sex at a steady high level. If all of a sudden men stopped using the personals many women would suddenly start feeling attention deprived and may have to resort to the real world for ego gratification. And we all know what a harsh place the real world can be. Come on guys, let's keep the ego stroking alive for all the online divas and each do our part in sending out mass numbers of emails to women who don't respond.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Women Also Do Their Part

Some guys complain that women can get away with doing nothing, and men have to do all the work in terms of approaching, calling, and putting in the effort to advance things romantically. I just want to go on the record to say that this is simply not true. Guys do not have to do 100% of the work. Just 95%. And the last time I checked 95% is not everything. So keep that in mind the next time you hear some guy complain that guys have to do "everything".

Women do quite a bit as it turns out. They have to put on sexy clothes, makeup, show up, and on top of all that they have to practice the bitch shield. You think women are born knowing how to be bitchy? No way. They start from a young age, roughly around the time they start watching Disney movies. They train for years, from the time the first guy asks them out, to their college years when they are in their prime physically and therefore need to be especially heavy handed in rejecting men who do not measure up.

Some guys will say that women do none of the approaching and have it easy because of that. Again, not true. When I personally ask women if they have ever approached a guy, you know what they tell me? They either say they have thought of approaching and it's something they could see themselves doing if they wanted to, or they say that they did approach once but the guy didn't immediately react favorably so they stopped doing it. There's your proof right there.

If guys opened up immediately to the first girl that showed a modicum of interest in them then you would have girls approaching more than just once. Women do have fragile egos after all. Guys must incorporate this knowledge into their psyche to prepare for that rare and extremely non-obvious time when a woman will show interest in them, to be sure that she doesn't get scared away from approaching FOREVER. So if some girl walks up to you and asks you what time it is and you (god forbid) tell her the time, then you just fucked up big time. This girl will be scarred for life because you were totally oblivious about her interest level and did not pounce on her clear invitation to chat her up and ask her out.

The fact that women could approach men if they wanted to and if the situation was perfectly ideal with no chance of them being rejected, just proves that women are equal players in the dating game.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Sex Part

The more attractive a woman is the less active she will be in bed. But an attractive woman doesn't have to be good in bed. You make her good in bed by doing all the work. And you have to do it in such a way that she doesn't feel used.

Young and attractive women are so passive in bed that they will barely take off their own clothes. You have to use indirect methods like convince them that it's very hot in the room or tell them that clothes look better on the floor. And then once you're both naked sex can happen. But if you use a condom then you have to put it on very quickly. If you take longer than 1.5 seconds she will put the brakes on with the usual token resistance that she can't have sex blah blah blah. In this case it would be best if you have the condom on before the date, so that when you take your clothes off you're all set.

She might offer additional resistance to sex, saying that she's not a slut, and so forth. In this case read her damn mind and try to get a fix on her rapidly changing thoughts, and figure out what she wants you to say and do to make it okay for her. Recite a poem if you have to or tell her that you are drunk and can't control yourself. But she may then want you two to start drinking, in which case you would have no choice but to do it. But the danger is that you'll get whiskey dick and then you won't be able to have sex. This will then turn her off and cause her to complain to her friends about how lacking her sex life is, even though she created the obstacles preventing her from having a good sex life.

The lesson here is that just because you are the perfect man who can read minds, that does not mean you will always get the girl.

Using Seductive Language Online

If you're meeting women from the online personals chatting is a great way to get them to want to meet you. Here is a sample of an online conversation you can have that will accomplish just that. It's a spicy conversation with lots of innuendo. It is truly seductive.

Her: do you drive?
Him: yeah
Her: car? truck? suv?
Him: space shuttle actually
Her: lol nice, will you take me for a ride?
Him: yeah we can go for a spin
Him: you can be the co-pilot
Him: I'll let you take the stick for a bit
Her: oh yeah? I've flown a few space shuttles in my time. I'm pretty good at the stick
Him: clutch tends to stick though
Him:  just ride it out and you'll be okay
Her: just needs a little lube
Him: lol
Him: that helps yes
Her: I'd feel safe with a pro like you with me
Him: you'll be in good hands
Him: start slow then progress
Him: smooth sailing all the way
Her: I'd like to be in your hands

Although this chat conversation is essentially perfect it is only the first step. You still have to meet her, and even if you do there's no guarantee that she will respond positively to you talking the same way. If she responds cold in person then you have to rework your strategy and alternate between normal conversation and seductive language, knowing exactly the right proportion for each. If you don't then don't be surprised if she feels no chemistry. She wants a fire and even though you might have tons of matches, you still have to compensate for her lack of wood.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How To Meet Your Dream Girl

Meeting the girl of your dreams is no easy task, and it's something guys always ask. Some of the most common questions guys ask are, where do you look? What do you say? How do you approach? These are all good questions and I want to discuss their answers in this post.

Before beginning your quest to find that special girl you must first realize that all girls are special, pretty much no matter what. So with that in mind your job is to find the girl that wants you, and that is what makes her special. Your dream girl is simply a result of having the chance to be with a woman that will have you. And it's even better if she is attractive. If she's attractive and she wants you, well that just makes her extra super special. Getting such a rare (and common) creature is what I spend considerable time talking about on this blog.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that a woman doesn't really need to try to be special, because as a woman she already is, and as a man your job is just to get one, period. And once you do she will then become the woman of your dreams, and you will be the luckiest guy in the world to have her (which you should announce as much as possible to your peers).

Woman are made of sugar and spice and everything nice and the one that is meant for you, fate will bring you two together. Well actually, it's the sheer numbers game (on your part) that brings you two together and only because she couldn't find anything better at the time.

So look good. Dress sharply. Workout. And learn superior conversation skills to keep up with her uh-huhs and her yeps and all her sentences that start with "so like...". Do this and you too will have a shot at getting your dream girl.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

For Ladies: How To Meet Men

I wanted to write a post aimed at showing women how to meet men. The tips I'm going to give you are already put into practice by a great many women. But for those women who are still somewhat in the dark on the issue, you might find these tips useful.

Here's the first main tip: Do nothing.

This may seem easy to do at first glance, but doing nothing actually involves work, especially in those cases where you want to do something but want to resist that urge.

When you see a guy you like, do nothing. Keep looking straight ahead like he doesn't exist. If he looks at you look away like he's some kind of disfigured troll. If he talks to you keep your answers short, and then quickly excuse yourself with "I gotta go" or some variation of that. Now, this guy might think you are a stuck up bitch, but that's just because he's not a mind reader - which is what you want. You want a perfect guy that can read minds, and what you are doing is screening for that. Don't settle. Now, you may want to give this guy your number and even have sex with him. Don't do that. If you do then you lose. I don't know what exactly, but in the ongoing battle of the sexes you lose something if you do this.

Only be open to talking to non-perfect guys that you meet through school, work or friends. The big three. And out of these big three only be open to talking to non-perfect guys that you meet in the first three weeks. This accomplishes two things. First it makes you seem down to earth and not shallow, since you are talking with men who are not necessarily stellar. And second it avoids that air of desperation since you are not exceeding the three week window, beyond which you will refuse to make non-perfect guy acquaintances FOREVER. Even when you're 70 you still want to maintain ties with only those people you meet in the first three weeks of the big three. If you want to meet new people you can only do so by going back to school, finding a new job, or getting your friends to introduce you to new people.

Ideally, you will meet a perfect man only through the big three. This avoids the stigma of meeting a stranger out in public, which is a bad thing, even if it's a "perfect" stranger.

If you're on a date with a guy always ask yourself "can I do better?", even if you're having a great time with him. If you had a great time with him, but you still think you can do better then you must dump him and resume your quest for Mr. Perfect.

The guy you end up with must have more going for him than yourself. If you're average looking he must be above average looking. If you're good looking he must be very good looking. If you're rich, he must be very rich. If you drive an Acura he must drive a Lexus. And he must also have more social status than you. But keep in mind that, despite your obvious shortcomings compared to him, this does not make him better than you. Remember, you're the woman and that gives you inherent value that no guy can ever exceed, no matter how great he is. So make yourself better by finding a better man even though you're better than him to begin with.

If you use the online personals, resist the temptation to pick a guy just because there's so many choices available. Instead, be as picky and shallow as you can possibly be, and judge a guy only based on his looks. Screen for the hottest guys no matter what you yourself look like, and reject any guys who fall short, guys that you would be crazy to turn down in real life. However, if you do this your chances of success will be very low since every other woman will also be gunning for the very hottest guys. But don't let that bother you. Remember, you have tons of choice but you don't want the choosing process to be easier just because you have more choice do you?