Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't Boycott The Online Personals

There's a growing number of men who are trying to convince other men to stop using the online personals because, they claim, very few women end up meeting anyone and all the messages they receive just feeds their ego.

No argument there.

However, as a white knight I must insist that men continue to use the online personals and send countless messages to women because I think it's important that women feel desirable. The online personals is a great way to help keep the self-esteem of the fairer sex at a steady high level. If all of a sudden men stopped using the personals many women would suddenly start feeling attention deprived and may have to resort to the real world for ego gratification. And we all know what a harsh place the real world can be. Come on guys, let's keep the ego stroking alive for all the online divas and each do our part in sending out mass numbers of emails to women who don't respond.

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