Wednesday, October 3, 2012

For Ladies: How To Meet Men

I wanted to write a post aimed at showing women how to meet men. The tips I'm going to give you are already put into practice by a great many women. But for those women who are still somewhat in the dark on the issue, you might find these tips useful.

Here's the first main tip: Do nothing.

This may seem easy to do at first glance, but doing nothing actually involves work, especially in those cases where you want to do something but want to resist that urge.

When you see a guy you like, do nothing. Keep looking straight ahead like he doesn't exist. If he looks at you look away like he's some kind of disfigured troll. If he talks to you keep your answers short, and then quickly excuse yourself with "I gotta go" or some variation of that. Now, this guy might think you are a stuck up bitch, but that's just because he's not a mind reader - which is what you want. You want a perfect guy that can read minds, and what you are doing is screening for that. Don't settle. Now, you may want to give this guy your number and even have sex with him. Don't do that. If you do then you lose. I don't know what exactly, but in the ongoing battle of the sexes you lose something if you do this.

Only be open to talking to non-perfect guys that you meet through school, work or friends. The big three. And out of these big three only be open to talking to non-perfect guys that you meet in the first three weeks. This accomplishes two things. First it makes you seem down to earth and not shallow, since you are talking with men who are not necessarily stellar. And second it avoids that air of desperation since you are not exceeding the three week window, beyond which you will refuse to make non-perfect guy acquaintances FOREVER. Even when you're 70 you still want to maintain ties with only those people you meet in the first three weeks of the big three. If you want to meet new people you can only do so by going back to school, finding a new job, or getting your friends to introduce you to new people.

Ideally, you will meet a perfect man only through the big three. This avoids the stigma of meeting a stranger out in public, which is a bad thing, even if it's a "perfect" stranger.

If you're on a date with a guy always ask yourself "can I do better?", even if you're having a great time with him. If you had a great time with him, but you still think you can do better then you must dump him and resume your quest for Mr. Perfect.

The guy you end up with must have more going for him than yourself. If you're average looking he must be above average looking. If you're good looking he must be very good looking. If you're rich, he must be very rich. If you drive an Acura he must drive a Lexus. And he must also have more social status than you. But keep in mind that, despite your obvious shortcomings compared to him, this does not make him better than you. Remember, you're the woman and that gives you inherent value that no guy can ever exceed, no matter how great he is. So make yourself better by finding a better man even though you're better than him to begin with.

If you use the online personals, resist the temptation to pick a guy just because there's so many choices available. Instead, be as picky and shallow as you can possibly be, and judge a guy only based on his looks. Screen for the hottest guys no matter what you yourself look like, and reject any guys who fall short, guys that you would be crazy to turn down in real life. However, if you do this your chances of success will be very low since every other woman will also be gunning for the very hottest guys. But don't let that bother you. Remember, you have tons of choice but you don't want the choosing process to be easier just because you have more choice do you?

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