Monday, November 5, 2012


I love I love their numerous relationship articles on why men cheat (because they are dogs) and why women cheat (because their man doesn't satisfy them). I love how they never miss an opportunity to highlight women's accomplishments while downplaying men's. I love how they always show Kim Kardashian "rocking" a new bikini, and show us pictures of beautiful women (but never beautiful men). I love how they quickly report stories vilifying men while minimizing stories that vilify women. I love how they imply how lucky Michael Phelps is to be able to date an attractive model who looks hot in a bikini - check out their article "Look at who Michael Phelps gets to date". By the way, Michael Phelps has won 22 Olympic medals - the most ever! But since his girlfriend is a model and she's hot then that's a fair balance.

I can only conclude that the writers must be strongly feminist and/or white knights. This is a good news site if you're looking for ways to crank up the pedestal that women are on. It's not always easy to find reasons to elevate women, so this news site is a great resource for aspiring white knights.

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