Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Good Qualities Of Toronto Women

Guys often complain about how the women of this city behave when it comes to meeting and dating them. So much negativity! I wanted to write this post to point out the good qualities that Toronto women have which make them good to date.

First, when Toronto women say they will meet you at an appointed time and place they do. They might show up a little late but they will show up.

Toronto women can laugh at jokes and hold a basic conversation if they really want to.

When Toronto women really like you they don't run away. They actually stick around when they want to get to know you better.

Toronto women are perfectly capable of putting on makeup and sexy clothes and looking good (or at least better) as a result of that.

Toronto women can flirt and enjoy sex on those occasions when the man is perfect, the setting is perfect, the timing is perfect, and all their friends approve.

That's about it for now (actually that's all I can think of). I realize this is a bare minimum and standard behaviour among women in every other part of the world but that's no reason to not view Toronto women as unique and special.

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Anonymous said...

"but is especially well honed for the young and attractive women in or near the Greater Toronto Area (the area I live in). In this blog I talk about these women and I explain how guys can connect with them.."
You forgot "and is also suitable for the middle aged hag who just got off the cock carousel and are now ready to settle down after having sex with every drummer with a tattoo for the last two decades. I will be more than happy to fulfill my part as a responseable human being and I dont mind that these woman shone me like the plague in their youth and are only with me now because they are now too old for the groupie life".