Friday, December 14, 2012

What About Women Who Hate Men?

If you encounter a woman who hates men you have your work cut out for you. You're going to have to bend over backwards to prove to this woman that you are "not like the rest". There are several things you must do if you want to get with her. First of all you must actively agree with her when she makes male bashing comments. You must agree with her when she says that "all men suck", but only stick up for yourself in a tongue-and-cheek manner, and only insofar as she would expect you, and not a little bit more, otherwise you become an oppressive prick. This is where mind reading skill comes in handy. You also want to go to protests with her to support her causes, which is a common thing that guys do when they are vying for the role of boyfriend. An example of this is the most recent protest to Warren Farrell's talk at the University of Toronto. There were lots of guys at that event auditioning for the role of boyfriend of the man-hating women there.

You also want to keep your physique slim and non-muscular. Keeping in shape is good but only do cardio workouts. Avoid lifting weights as this adds muscle mass. You don't want to put on muscle as that is a male attribute which will cause her to feel oppressed. But thin girl-like muscles are okay. Also, avoid chest hair.

Some facial hair is good, but not too much as that will make her feel oppressed by your maleness. Knowing just how much facial hair is good is critical, and again, mind reading ability is critical here.

Wear only clothes that she approves of. And if she wants you to dye your hair 40% orange, 40% blue, and 20% pink then you must do so.

Piercings and tattoos are good if she also has them. She must feel like you are just as rebellious as her.

You want to keep up this and other ass kissing behaviour indefinitely until (hopefully) you hear those magic words, "Oh Bobby, you're not like other men". Within a year after that you should be able to hold hands with her. Within two years after that you should be able to kiss her. Within 5-10 years after that you'll probably be able to have sex with her. Just be careful she doesn't pull a Bobbit on you.


Anonymous said...

"but is especially well honed for the young and attractive women in or near the Greater Toronto Area (the area I live in). In this blog I talk about these women and I explain how guys can connect with them.."
You forgot "and is also suitable for the middle aged hag who just got off the cock carousel and are now ready to settle down after having sex with every drummer with a tattoo for the last two decades. I will be more than happy to fulfill my part as a responseable human being and I dont mind that these woman shone me like the plague in their youth and are only with me now because they are now too old for the groupie life".

Anonymous said...

If you have not yet come across the mansophere you should check it out. You`ll be a welcome adition to the team:

Andy said...

LMFAO!!! check out mgtow on youtube .. john, amazing blogs!!! i dont think they know what they want except like you said agree with everything she does and says (she owns you) and never ever talk back to her