White Knight 101

If you want to be some kind of white knight the basic rule of thumb to keep in mind is that all women are without blame, but the more attractive a woman is the more without blame she is. This follows naturally from the following principle: The more attracted to a woman you are the more right she is. You want her, and that puts her above criticism. It's that simple. If you follow this one basic principle you will be a white knight, at beginner level at least.

To be a more advanced white knight means more careful dedication to the art. For example, Pick Up Artists (PUAs) are a more sophisticated type of white knight, with emphasis on the technical side. They really get into the technical details of seduction and include all sorts of cool cognitive dissonance techniques to make it seem like they are behaving like the alpha take-charge guy that women want, while also trying to be precisely what women want.

As you progress in your white knight development you will encounter situations that make you think that the dating dynamics are seriously skewed in women's favor, and you may build up resentment because of that. Don't cave in to such silly notions of fairness. Remember the basic principle. You want her, so that makes her right and fairness is irrelevant. You have to train your mind to throw out any sense of fairness when you see a pretty girl. The psychological order is: She's beautiful. You want her. Hence, she's above criticism. And any man who complains about this is a wimp.

You also want to always be thinking a few steps ahead. Mind reading ability makes this easy of course, but there's also times when looking for opportunity is a good habit to have. You always want to get your white knight foot in the door. Think of it as coming out of the woodwork, white knight style.

For example, if a girl posts a new photo on Facebook be the first to comment on it, telling her how beautiful she is. And if some girl writes a post on her wall saying something negative about a man in her life then join in on the male-bashing.

If a new guy is starting to get close to a girl in your peer group, threaten to beat him up if he doesn't treat her well. Do this even if you are having a friendly conversation with him, and especially do it if the girl is there with him. Don't worry if he thinks you are a dickhead for it.

If a woman is carrying something that you suspect is even slightly heavy, go out of your way to try and help her, even if she is mere inches from loading it into her car.

The point is to always try to endear yourself and score points in the eyes of whatever female is in the vicinity. Who knows, this may actually increase your chances of getting her by 0.01%. I don't know about you, but I like those odds!

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Vallin Sfas said...

AH...statistics. And we all know what Darrell Huff said when Christie Brinkley (THE Perfect Woman) was born.